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West Bristol Arts Trail 2018, October 13-14th
11am-5pm. Looking forward to seeing you all during this year's Arts Trail. My latest project 'Hats and Goggles' is my first series of portraits which I hope will encourage fellow Lido and outdoor swimming enthusiasts to send in their swimming selfies for commission based portraits.

West Bristol Arts Trail 2016, October 15-16th
11am-5pm. Looking forward to seeing you all during the Arts Trail for more poolicious paintings and delicious cakes.

West Bristol Arts Trail 2014, October 11-12th
Having shown my paintings for the first time during last year's Arts Trail I am delighted to say that I'm exhibiting again this year. It would be lovely to see you at 2 Randall Road for paintings and cakes!!!

The Lido, Clifton
My new series of paintings are having their first airing where else but the Lido!!! The Lido have very kindly allowed me to hang my work mainly upstairs in the restaurant. Please feel free to ask any of the very friendly staff if you can go up and take a look. From October 2012 onwards

Recently visited

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, July 2018
Love the way Grayson Perry curated this year's exhibition. Really inspiring mix of eclectic works of Art. Who knows, next year you might spot one of mine on the wall!!

Modigliani, December 2017
My favourite Artist. So basically, I was in heaven. Slightly embarrassing when in the nudes room, my 8 year old son piped up 'mummy, you look just like the ladies in the painting'.

Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse, Royal Academy Easter 2016
This exhibition examined the role gardens played in the evolution of art from the early 1860s through to the 1920s. I'm always a fan of the Impressionists. I love their use of light and colour, a subject I'm always studying at the Lido..

Soon to visit - David Hockney, Royal Academy: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-life
I had to go and see this because the painting I was currently working on, 'Steam on a Winter Pool', was feeling very Turneresque because of the subject matter! I have never been a particular fan but it was great to see how he had tackled the same subject and had been able to create such 'atmosphere' in his work. I was really excited and inspired by this exhibition and am now a true fan of Turner and can't wait to get my sketchbook out at the Lido!!!

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude, Courtauld Gallery, 23 October 2014 - 18 January 2015
Saw this exhibition on a festive December afternoon in the beautiful Christmassy setting of Somerset House. I have always been a fan so it was amazing to see this collection. His drawing is so sensitive and yes at times graphic but beautifully crafted and very honest. He died at such a young age... who knows what more he could have done with his talent. Makes me want to do more Life Drawing!!!

Matisse Cut-outs, Tate Modern - Summer 2014
What an inspiring man, using his creative gift right up to the end of his life! His new technique forced him to observe and simplify his Art down to the purest level using just shape and colour. I hope my journey takes me there!!

Frida Kahlo, Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris - October 2013
I love her bold strong style. The paintings tell a story using realism and symbolism. I am inspired by her use of colour and her portraits are mesmerising. Well worth the 3 hour queue!!!

David Hockney, A Bigger Picture - March 2012
As I'd not visited a major exhibition for over a year this visit was well overdue! I've been a fan of his later work, in particular his English landscapes for a while but have always somehow missed any exhibitions. I was completely bowled over and quite intoxicated by the depth of work and his intense use of colour, especially greens pinks and purples a real feast for the eyes. I was really interested in his paintings of the same location but done at different times of the year, I also really loved his iPad images. I was totally inspired and as a result in April started my painting my Lido series.

The Real Van Gough: The Artist and His Letters, Royal Academy of Artists, 23rd January - 18th April 2010
Before Harry came along I managed to take Aaliyah to her first exhibition! I love the rhythm and pattern in Van Gough's work and his use of bold colour is always inspiring. It was fascinating to see his letter sketches and have an insight into the workings of this artist's mind.

'Garden and Cosmos' The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur - British Museum until 23rd August 2009
Featuring 56 paintings on loan from India, none of which have ever been displayed in Europe. Amazing detail and colour created by the artists of the royal courts between the 17th and 19th centuries.The museum is having an 'Indian Summer' season so there's lots more on offer including 'India Landscape' - created by Kew and featuring a selection of plants from the Indian subcontinent, displaying a range of colours and scents from South Asia.

Picasso 'Challenging the Past' - ended June 7th 2009
His work is, as ever, always inspiring, loved it all especially his portraits and nudes.

Kuniyoshi - ended June 7th 2009
Very similar to the Indian paintings I recently saw at the British Museum. Lots of storytelling amazing detail and inspiring mark making!

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